Director's Message

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Welcome seniors, citizens, partners, and community leaders to York County Aging Services. We are a customer-focused organization and know that our customers are the best source of information on how to design and improve our programs and services. As one of our customers, you are invited to provide your comments and/or suggestions to help us do our best.
Everyone has the right to age with dignity; this is one of our core values. It helps keep us focused, and clearly guides us to support and partner with everyone dedicated to that principle. This includes older adults themselves and their family, caregivers, professionals, managers, leaders, advocates, elected officials, educators, media, our community partners, and the public at large.

The Aging Services Office has a variety of connections with government, professional and community organizations and networks. The goals of these connections are: to influence public policy and service funding, to remain informed on emerging trends, needs and available resources, to effect change in service delivery systems, and to promote education on the impact of aging and longevity.

The face of aging is changing due to improved health status, as well as, changes in families and communities. In the face of scarce government resources and a growing population of seniors, it takes a team of leaders with shared vision and strong commitment to address the challenges before us.

Here at the Aging Services Office we work closely as a team to address our customer's current needs, and to plan for the developing needs of tomorrow. We hope you will join with us in our belief that everyone has the right to age with dignity and work to make it reality in our community.

Lori Byers
Program Director