York County Public Transportation

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York County Aging Transportation
Reservations 402-362-7626

2325 Nebraska Ave
York, NE 68467
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Phone: 402-362-7626
Fax: 402-362-1135
Program Director: Lori Byers

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York County Public Transportation Staff

Lori Byers
Program Director:

Lori Byers

Carla Green

Carla Green

Full Time Driver:
Paula Rollins

Lori Byers
Part Time Driver:

Dora Smith

Carla Green
Part Time Driver:

Shirley McCall



Who Can Ride

We are a "curb to curb" coordinated and accessible transit service available to all residents of York County for non-emergency purposes. "Curb to curb" means that we'll pick you up and deliver you to the curb of your choice. Door-to-door assistance is available upon request for individuals with a disability.

Reserving a Ride

Due to the high demand of this service, we take ride reservations on a "first-call, first-serve" basis.

Days and Hours of Service

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on State of Nebraska holidays.

Rides may be cancelled when unsafe driving conditions are present. Service cancellations will be announced via 1370 radio.

Drive-thru stops are considered a boarding and will require an additional punch.

To apply for reduced rate, complete our Fee Determination Form and submit to the York County Public Transportation Office.


Limited Assistance From Drivers

Drivers may leave their vehicle to provide minimal assistance in boarding and/or disembarking; however, drivers are restricted from picking up any item weighing 25 lbs. or more.

Passengers are Required:

Passengers Have the Right:

To prompt and courteous service.
To be treated with respect.
To be given the same service as any other passenger.
To a safe and comfortable ride.
To a fair hearing of any grievance.
To request this information in an accessible format.

Passengers Are Prohibited From:

Engaging in prohibited or illegal actions.
Carrying hazardous objects or weapons.
Transporting flammable, caustic, or poisonous materials.
Playing stereos without the use of headphones.
Smoking on the bus.

When you call to schedule your ride, we need to know...

    1. what day
    2. what time
    3. where you want us to pick you up
    4. where you want to go

All stops (including drive thru stops) must be pre-scheduled through the dispatcher.

You are welcome to schedule your return trip with a specific time, or you may utilize our "will-call" option. Will-call is handy for appointments with unspecified completion times.

Download our complete Passenger Handbook »

Welcome Aboard!