General Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Courthouse 2nd floor - Room 210
510 N. Lincoln Ave
York, NE 68467

How do I apply for General Assistance?
A formal application is required.  You may pick-up an application in our office, download one here » or call and we will mail or fax one to you.

What documentation is needed?
The required documentation will depend on the type of assistance being requested.  In most instances, the Director will review the application within seven days from the day it is received and notify the applicant of any further required documents to complete the application. 

How long does the application process take?
The application process can take anywhere from 2 to 30 days depending on how responsive the applicant is when additional documentation is requested.  State statutes require that a decision on all applications for general assistance be made within 30 days of the submission of the application.

What services do you offer?
Please contact the General Assistance Director for this information.