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Functions of the County Assessor Include:

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York County Assessor
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The assessor must be certified by the Department of Revenue in order to run or hold the office and annually attend a training session to maintain a required number of continuing education hours.  The duty of the assessor is to maintain an inventory of all real and personal property within the county.  This inventory will include the description, location and value of the property. Any property with an improvement (building) will also include a picture of the improvement if possible. Nebraska Law requires inspection of all property at least once every 6 years. Values are determined to be at its fair market value as well as being uniform and equitable among all properties and classes. We maintain an extensive sales data file that is used as comparables in this valuation process. This information along with ownership and changes in ownership are maintained on a paper file and also on computer. This information is public and available at the office or on the, website. Values collected by the assessor's office are totaled by August 15 and given to the taxing entities for use in determining the levy for that district. This could be a school district, fire or city, etc. The office is required to prepare abstracts of assessment and certification of taxes levied in York County, to the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Our office also prepares the annual tax roll for the County Treasurer.