Register of Deeds

Eleven Steps to Take to Prevent Rejection of Real Estate Documents

  1. Property must be located in York County.

  2. Signatures and Notary Seals must be included.

  3. If your document refers to another document (release or assignment of mortgage), you must include the book and page to which it refers and the legal description must be same as the original document.

  4. Real Estate Legal Descriptions must be exact and complete: subdivision/addition, lot, block, or section-township(North)-range (including West of the 6th PM), town, York County, Nebraska.  i.e…Lots Four (4), & Five (5), Block Fifteen (15), Original Town, York, York County, Nebraska.  Southwest Quarter (SW1/4) of Section Seventeen (17), Township Twelve (12) North, Range Four (4), West of the 6th PM in York County, Nebraska.

  5. Make sure all parties involved in the transaction sign the document.

  6. Real Estate Transfer Statement Form (521) must be filled out IN FULL and SIGNED.

  7. If an exemption from documentary stamps is being claimed, it must be notated on the Transfer Statement line 25 and lines 22 & 24 must read $0.00.

  8. Only ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS will be filed – electronic signatures and photo copies will not be filed.

  9. Filing Fees are $10.00 for the first page and $6.00 for each additional page.

  10. To avoid mistakes have someone other than yourself proofread the document.

  11. Don't forget to include payment.

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